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Patios and Walkways:
Build Like a Pro

Peter Jeswald
Taunton Press, 2009

If you're planning to build your own patio or walkway and are looking for a single source of professional advice, here's the book for you. As the latest how-to manual in Taunton Press’ popular Build Like a Pro series, this in-depth reference provides all the information you'll need—tips, techniques, tools, materials and expert advice—to create unique patios and walkways that will enhance your landscape and home.

From constructing the base, to choosing and installing surface materials, it's all here. Patios and Walkways—Build Like a Pro covers six different projects, which you can tackle exactly as presented or, to create your own customized project, mix and match the various elements and techniques. Either way, Patios and Walkways—Build Like a Pro is the only book you'll need to build beautiful patios and walkways that will make you proud.

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