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Peter Jeswald has nearly 40 years of experience in the construction industry as a builder, designer and author. He holds a degree from the University of Massachusetts in residential design and opened his design practice in 1982, specializing in residential and light commercial structures. His work includes hundreds of residential projects, as well as medical facilities, a school renovation, retail stores and restaurants.

Beginning in 1990, Peter pioneered the concept of teaching “pre-construction planning” to homeowners. He is the creator of a ten-step planning process and three-hour seminar, HOMEWORK, which he has presented nationally to thousands of homeowners.

In 1995 Peter consolidated the content of his seminar and authored his first book,  Homework: Ten Steps to Foolproof Planning Before Building (Ten Speed Press). Since that first book he has authored four additional books —  Paths, Steps, and Footbridges (Storey Publishing, 2005);  Basement Ideas That Work (Taunton Press, 2007);  Patios and Walkways Idea Book (Taunton Press, 2008); and  Patios and Walkways—Build Like A Pro (Taunton Press 2009).

As a father who worked primarily at home, Peter was intimately involved with the parenting of his two children, Jonas and Liza. One of his greatest pleasures was reading stories to them — at bedtime, naptime, anytime. In 2009 Peter decided to turn the adventures of a duckling that mysteriously appeared at the Jeswald family pond (affectionately called Jeswalden Pond) into a children’s story. Peter looks forward to reading that story, Patito, as well as other stories he has in the works, to his grandchildren.